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Considering CNG?

Compressed natural gas is a vehicle fueling method that is not only clean and affordable, it uses a proven safe process that has been around for decades.  Considering converting your vehicles to CNG or modifying/building your own CNG station?

  • Reduce noise – CNG engines are quieter and cleaner-burning
  • Plan budgets – Abundant U.S. natural gas has allowed for stable CNG prices
  • ROI – Gasoline and diesel prices can spike rapidly. Long-term savings on price-stable CNG will justify your conversion investments.

There are many resources available to explain the process to convert to CNG, to find sources of financing, and find calculator tools to determine your best investment level.  Here are a few to start:   
Department of Energy CNG Station Map

A reliable fueling experience

Whether you are a driver, fleet manager or station owner, reliable CNG equipment is essential.  CMD understands that time is money, and we design our equipment to perform better than any competitor's system on the market.  CMD equipment offers exceptional uptime - even in harsh weather conditions.  Remember the winter of 2014-2015?  CMD's systems remained operational when many others failed due to the extreme cold.  We also believe that no equipment is complete without a robust service and parts program to back it up.  CMD offers comprehensive service plans, training, installation and readily accessible parts - whatever it takes to keep you up and running.

CMD manufactures equipment that compresses the natural gas from the supply line and processes the compressed gas to vehicle dispensing. 

Complete CNG Compression Systems:

Compressors; dryers; controls and priority panels; piping; storage vessels

Time Fill or Fast Fill dispensers

Certified GE Compressor Packager

Booster Systems

Pressure Reduction Systems 
Daughter station/remote fueling requirements

Cost-effective solutions, designed  for your application

CMD's mission is to advance machine technology to deliver better value and experiences for our customers and end-users of our equipment.  CMD systems have set a new benchmark for safety and efficiency, and outperform the competitor's units for many applications.


CNG Equipment Brochure
CNG Energy Solutions Video