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  • Reduce noise and air pollution
  • More Efficiently Plan Your Budgets
  • Short and Long Term Savings

Government Vehicles

Staying on budget and operating municipal fleets can be a challenge with fluctuating gasoline prices.  Price-stable CNG is a perfect solution for busses, waste removal trucks, fire and emergency vehicles, airport vehicles and municipal fleets of all kinds.

CMD can partner with municipalities to develop the CNG stations perfectly suited to serve all their fleet needs.  Time fill options allow fleets to fuel up overnight.  Fast fill dispensing provides the quick fill-ups required of busses or emergency vehicles.

  • Reduce noise – CNG engines are quieter and cleaner-burning
  • Plan budgets – Save on price-stable natural gas fuel
  • Return on Investment – Converting your vehicles to CNG can produce a quick return on your capital investment.  

Station Options:

Design your own CNG fueling stations or partner with a fuel supplier to build the station infrastructure
you need for your vehicle fueling needs:
         Public or Private     
         Fast Fill or Time Fill Options

CMD can partner with you and bring to the table the expertise to design your a station that precisely meets your fueling requirements.  Contact Toy Hoehne at 920-380-8205 or Brad Schmoll at 920-380-8267 today for a free consultation.