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  • Public or Private Truck Fleets
  • Waste Removal Trucks, Emergency Vehicles, Public Transportation
  • Innovative Solutions for Specialized Fueling Requirements

Customer Solutions

Whether you are already fueling your fleet or commercial vehicles with CNG, or you are ready to convert to a cleaner, healthier fuel solution with long term cost savings benefits, you can benefit from a single-source partner and consultant like CMD:

  • 35 years manufacturing industrial equipment
  • Aligned with reputable suppliers along the CNG supply chain
  • A complete fueling package - from pipeline to dispenser, including:
    • Inlet dryer
    • GE compressors packaged in a unique shed designed with special safety and operation/maintenance conveniences
    • Advanced controls technology with remote monitoring capabilities for uninterrupted fueling service at all times
    • ASME certified storage vessels and gas management/priority panels
  • Complete installation, commissioning and training of station and fleet personnel
  • CMD full-coverage service program for hands-free operation of your CNG fueling site

Station Options:

Design your own CNG fueling stations or partner with a fuel supplier to build the station infrastructure
you need for your fleet
         Public or Private     
         Fast Fill or Time Fill Options

CMD can partner with you to design your own fueling station that precisely meets the fueling requirements for your fleet.  Contact Troy Hoehne at 920-380-8205 today for a free consultation.