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Pressurized storage vessels are an important component to fueling systems requiring fast-fill dispensing.  The number of vessels included in your CMD CNG system will depend on fuel demand and required flow rates.


  • Built to ASME Section VIII Division 2 design and fabrication standards.
  • 48-inch inside diameter, 33.5-cf.
  • Can supply CNG at up to 5,500 psi to a dispenser. 
  • The capacity of each spherical vessel is 12,360 – SCF at 5,500 psi, or 11,130 -SCF at 4,500 psi.












CNG systems designed, packaged and built by CMD comply with industry standards for safety and performance: NFPA 52, UL508A, AGA, ANSI, API, ASME, AWS, CSA, FEMA, IEC, ISO, NEC, OSHA, SAE.  For details on specific industry standards, please contact