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  • Sizes and System Configurations to Suit Your Specific Fueling Needs
  • For Precisely the Compression Power You Need

Compressor Sizing
Reliable GE compressors are used in CMD packages, and we stand behind and support every system we design and install.  Our goal is high-performance, uninterrupted fueling service for you.

The size, number and performance level of the compressors to spec for your CNG fueling systems will depend on your filling and volume requirements, the gas supply at your site, and site size and layout.   The modular 50CGS and the 100CGS compressor series, available in single, dual or triple configurations, to meet your small-site or portability requirements.

Model:                               50CGS

Flow Rate Range:            37 to 40  scfm 

Number of Stages:          4 stage compression

Motor HP:                        40


Model:                               100CGS

Flow Rate Range:            273 to 95 scfm 

Number of Stages:          4 stage compression

Motor HP:                         75


Model:                               475CGS

Flow Rate Range:            230 to 585 scfm 

Number of Stages:          3 or 4 stage compression

Motor HP:                         125 to 200


Model:                               750CGS

Flow Rate Range:             275 to 800 scfm 

Number of Stages:          3 or 4 stage compression

Motor HP:                         200 to 400


Model:                               1000CGS

Flow Rate Range:             500 to 1145 scfm 

Number of Stages:           3 or 4 stage compression

Motor HP:                          300 to 400

Our CNG equipment specialists are available consult with you to determine the best configuration.  CLICK HERE to schedule a free consultation!

CNG systems designed, packaged and built by CMD comply with industry standards for safety and performance: NFPA 52, UL508A, AGA, ANSI, API, ASME, AWS, CSA, FEMA, IEC, ISO, NEC, OSHA, SAE.  For details on specific industry standards, please contact